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Fermzilla 55L Tri-Conical Pressure Brewing kit with HOP Bong Gen 3


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Introducing the Gen3 FermZilla Tri-Conical Fermenter kit with hop bong.

 The new FermZilla is a revolution in home brewing allowing home brewers and small micro-breweries a level of control that meets everyone's budget.  With the FermZilla you have many of the benefits of a much more expensive stainless conical fermenter but with the additional benefit of being able to see the fermentation process in action and also ferment at pressures up to 2.4bar.

 This Gen3 model includes

1. 55 litre conical clear Fermzilla fermenter tank with stand
2. Moulded 3 inch tri clover ferrule in the body of the FermZilla tank
3. 3 inch Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve.
4. 3Inch Tri-Clover 600mL Collection Container
5.. Duotight BlowTie 2 with integrated Gauge 0-15psi
6.. 2 inch Tri Clover HopBong (Swedish Pumper) Pressure pack 
7. ball lock fittings (duotight)
8. Floating dip tube

Is it easier to clean / take apart than the Gen2?
YES, It is by far the easiest Conical PET fermenter to disassemble and clean into all the nooks and crannies. Simply release all pressure inside the vessel and detach the tri clover clamps.