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Faucet Tap Handle/Blackboard/Whiteboard


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The Coolest-Tap-Handle-of-All-Time can be used as a blackboard or whiteboard. Both blackboard and whiteboard stickers are included with the handle plus 2 x pieces of chalk. This makes it easy to label which beer is on tap. Perfect for beer taps that are often switching from one beer style to the next.


The Coolest-Tap-Handle-of-All-Time is ALSO able to accept a standard lithium ion battery 18650 size. that slots into the handle base. Or it can also be powered by the  4.2V charger alone. Once powered the tap handle can ILLUMINATE A  LED strip around the boarder of the tap.
Three LED settings can be used:
1. On all the time
2. Off all the time
3. Only turn on for 60 seconds each time the tap is pulled.

The on-board mercury switch is also used to cycle a digital counter that is on the left side of the tap. This counter counts how many beers you have poured. A reset button on the underside of the tap handle can also reset the counter.

Note: The Lithium ion battery or  the Charger are NOT INCLUDED  with the handle.  iI you want the handle to be illuminated you will also need to purchase either a battery or charger separately by clicking on the links above.