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Enolmatic Vacuum bottle filling machine


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The Tenco ENOLMATIC is a single head vacuum filler for glass and rigid bottles, suitable for both viscous and non-viscous products such as wine, oil, beer, fruit juices and spirits. Enolmatic uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank and into the bottle. The spout mounted on the machine determines the amount of liquid on the inside of the bottle, allowing the machine to stop filling automatically once it determines the bottle to be full.

The Enolmatic is made of high quality plastic materials. The vessel is made of polycarbonate material and is suitable for the filling of both alcoholic products as well as hot-fill processes.

This semi-automatic machine has an output of 250 bph (based off 750ml bottles). The system is easy to use, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and is fast, clean and customisable. The standard model has a plastic spout and food grade silicone gaskets, suitable for alimentary products.

A one way flow valve prevents back flow and filling speed can be adjusted by merely turning a knobThe enolmatic fills every bottle exactly to the desired level selected and no more.

The Enolmatic bottling system can handle a large range of bottle sizes of varying heights. It can also be purchased with different heads and accessory kits which enables

  • bottling into Jars, (different filling heads available)

  • bottling edible oils

  • bottling thick juices such as tomato

  • transferring to and from demijohns

  • also suitable for many cosmetic products

box size 40 x 20 x 40  5kg