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Enolmatic 'Mignon' kit


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Mignon Kit Enolmatic

The Mignon Kit is the professional quality accessory complete with plastic mignon spout and tubes for filling small format bottles, indispensable for producers who need to fill numerous mignon bottles quickly.

Works in combination with the Enolmatic bottling machine. Simply remove the spout and connect the Mignon Kit.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses or home production, it fits mignon bottles with a neck diameter of at least 7.5 mm and at most 18 mm.

Thanks to the Mignon Kit, filling mignon bottles of oil, tomato sauce, fruit juices and other food products will be easy and clean.

The combined operation with the Enolmatic enables continuous and natural pouring, preserving the taste and organoleptic characteristics of the bottled product.

Together with the spout, there are silicon-coated, screened connecting hoses suitable for oil, viscous liquids and alcohol up to 50%. All materials that make up the mignon kit are suitable for food contact and the hoses are certified against the emission of phthalates.


  • Specific for Enolmatic bottling machine
  • Compatible with mignon bottles
  • Minimum internal neck diameter of 7.5 millimetres
  • Maximum internal neck diameter of 18 millimetres
  • Spout material: plastic
  • Screened and siliconised hoses suitable for oil, viscous liquids, alcoholic liquids up to 50%.