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Lalvin QA23 wine yeast (fruity wines and ciders) 125gm


125gm vacuum sealed sachet $24.50

Selected in Portugal by the University of Tras os Monetes e Alto Douro (UTAD) in cooperation with the Viticultural Commission of the Region Vinhos Verdes

Lalvin QA23 white wine yeast: Package size: 125gm vacuum sealed  $24.50.

  • Recommended for the production of white wines where fresh, fruity clean wines are required. Also recommended for Ciders.

  • In Portugal and Europe QA23 is considered among the best strains to produce white wine easy to drink with delicate perfume and clean palate.

  • In France QA23 was first introduced to produce wines for the English and German markets.

  • Optimum fermentation temp 15 to 32C. It will ferment at 10C where temp control is employed by the winemaker to control the rate of sugar catabolism.

  • It has the ability to ferment juice with low nutrient content.

  • This property makes QA23 very suitable for many white wines.

  • Low foaming and fast settling to clarity