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Enigma ™ Hop Pellets (Product of Australia)


Cultivated through Hop Products Australia's in-house breeding program, ENIGMA  is the newest flavor hop in the Hop Products Australia family.


A fascinating hop that imparts irresistibly appealing white grape and light tropical fruit flavors far removed from her heritage.

Enigma™ has the ability to perform on her own or play a supporting role in many beer styles.

Different aspects of her character shine depending on how you use her, but late addition really maximises her flavour and aroma potential.


As you’d expect from one so cheeky and enchanting, Enigma™’s great fun to play with. A bit of a chameleon – different aspects of her enigmatic character shine, depending on how you use her.

Dry hop or add her late in the brew to maximise her flavour and aroma potential.

Our newest plays nicely with her sisters, taking the lead or supporting them in many beer styles. Equally she stands strong on her own.


Truly an enigma, our records show that our new girl is a descendant of the Swiss Tettnang hop, but not only does she grow like a North American hop, she throws up a range of flavours that are far removed from her heritage.