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Distillers Light Spirit Nutrients


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Distiller’s Nutrient Light Spirits 

For fermentation of alcohol to make light/white liquor spirits (e.g. Vodka, Gin, White Rum etc) using the Turbo 500 Boiler or Grainfather Brewing System with either the Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Condenser or Turbo 500 Copper Condenser. If making White Rum, use the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top and Copper Condenser.


Shake well before use. Add with yeast and stir well to dissolve, leave to ferment according to instructions specified for selected yeast strain.


  • Formulated for Light Spirits  (vodka, Gin, white rum)
  • Net Weight: 450 g (15.9 US oz)
  • Suggested Dosages Sufficient for: Up To 25 L : 50-75gm
  • Made in the UK from local and imported ingredients
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • shelf life 36 months
  • GMO free

Ingredients: Yeast nutrients, antifoaming agent, vitamins, trace minerals