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CKP filter pads 20cm x 20cm


This product can be used for a wide range of applications, from wine and beer filtration, sterilisation of liquids for food use, pharmaceutical and chemical solutions.

The use of new pure cellulose and the substantial improvement of the inflow side (always “CKP” branded) have further improved the efficiency of the filter sheets, while the clear marking of the outf low side prevents any loss of fibres and increases the mechanical resistance of the device during the filtering process.

Available sizes:

Square sheets with and without holes

suitable for the Rover Colombo filter units and most flat plate filter units


Sheet type Application

V8       2.5 micron    Clarifying   

V12     1.5 micron    Medium polishing  

V16      1.  micron    Polishing    

V18      Medium sterilizing

V20      .45 micron   Sterilising   



Flush FILTER PADS with plenty of cold water before introduction of wine or beer. This procedure softens the pores, maximizes the available surface area and leads to better filtration and longer pad life. Always keep heavy solids from the bottom of the container out of filter presses.