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Chubby Apollo 30 LITRE Pressure Fermenter NEW model


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Keg King Chubby Apollo 30L Pressure Fermenter

Chubby is already one of the world’s most popular pressure fermenters.
And now the Engineering Team at Keg King has made it EVEN BETTER with a wider lid opening that allows you to put your hand in for cleaning.

In a world filled with janky imported PET pressure fermenters, you’ll appreciate our high end Australian manufacturing that produces the strongest PET fermenters on the planet PLUS you’ll get the added safety of our meticulous, individual pressure testing that we put into every tank!

Meet the Chubby Apollo.

It’s our Chubby Fermenter with a lid large enough to get your arm in for cleaning up easily.

How wide?
With its 115mm lid, stronger build and integrated handles, Chubby Apollo is ready to rumble through your heaviest fermentation jungle!
You’ll get all the convenience and performance of the renowned Chubby Pressure Fermenter with the NEW wider, more spacious lid design of our Apollo line of fermenters.

  • The 30L tank is perfect for single batch fermentation projects!
  • Chubby Apollo is a closed bottom pressure fermenter, but if you would like to, you can also use it as a simple gravity fermenter with an airlock.
  • The bottom chime helps to keep the tank upright without the need for an external rack or frame.
  • The new built in handles on the tank are strong enough to lift the Chubby Apollo when it’s full!
  • With the extra wide lid, you’ll easily be able to clean and you’ll also get the added benefits of a dryhop port, expansion ports and more.
  • The convenient centre port of the lid comes equipped with a hex cap to seal it but with the ½ inch BSP threads you can also add extra equipment not included with the Chubby Apollo lid kit such as thermowells or CIP equipment.

Pressurizable up to 35 PSI.

Even without a dump valve, brewers can still extract bright, clear beer after fermentation by way of the floating dip tubes that come standard with each  Fermenter King Chubby. 

After fermentation, you can carbonate your beer, attach the Chubby to your tap system or any handheld tap, and serve directly out of the fermenter.

Alternatively, transfer carbonated beverages easily from the Chubby into kegs, mini-kegs, and growlers.

The Chubby Apollo.

It’s the Chubby fermenter you know, but NOW it’s stronger with a lid wider than imagination!