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Campden Tablets


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CAMPDEN TABLETS  provide a convenient, easy to use method for various sterilisation or purification purposes of wine or wine musts. They supply sulphur dioxide in a convenient measurable form. Sulphite is used to suppress unwanted bacteria and 'wild' yeast before fermentation in musts, and to stabilise a wine after fermentation.

These Campden Tablets are made from sodium Metabisulphite.

If you want potassium metabisulphite tablets (tannisol)  we do sell these.  As well we stock potassium metabisulphite in powder form.  Search potassium metabisulphite in our search box.

Doseage rate: 1-2 tablets per 5 litres (for finished wine)

 per 100 tablets in ...... $ 8.50