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Calcium Chloride Crystals 100gm


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Calcium Chloride is one of the primary salts used for the boosting of calcium levels in beer.

Proper calcium levels in beer can lower pH, preserve mash enzymes, increase extract yield, improve yeast growth and flocculation, accelerate oxalate removal, and reduce color.
Adjusts brewing water, accentuates maltiness, and lowers mash pH.

Calcium adds to water hardness and chloride accentuates maltiness, sweetness and fullness. Typical concentrations for brewing water are 50 – 150 ppm Ca2+ and 50 – 150 ppm Cl- . It is also used to lower the mash pH. Additions can be put in the brewing water or directly into the mash.

Recommended sulfate-to-chloride ratios:
4:1 – Hoppy 1:1 – Balanced 0.5:1 – Malty


100gm crystals

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