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c02 Keg Charger 16gm


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This keg charger holds 16gm C02 bulbs

A way to dispense your kegs on the go. No need for a heavy Co2 tank, this hand held unit pushes beer  out using small 16 gm C02 cartridges. Made for small party kegs.

A mfl threaded gas in ball lock disconnect is required.

includes 1 x 16gm c02 bulb

Buy  more bulbs here 16gm C02 bulbs

Portable- Small, lightweight, no tanks or hoses
Fast- Charges kegs in seconds
Easy to Use- Trigger valve allows precise control of gas

How to use: Attach the pin-lock or ball-lock valve (threaded valve) to the Keg. Connect the charger by threading it directly onto the quick disconnect valve. You can easily control the flow of CO2 into the keg by pressing the finger trigger, and then stop the gas flow by releasing the trigger. Any remaining CO2 left in the cartridge can be saved for later use.

WARNING: Never attach the ball or pin lock valve to the charger first. It can cause the valve to be OVER-PRESSURIZED and fail. Always attach the ball or pin lock valve to the keg first, then attach the CO2 Keg Charger to the disconnect valve.

High strength, glass-reinforced nylon, with brass valve internals.

Note:  C02 cartridges are extra and not supplied with the charger.