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Briess Midnight Wheat


Briess Midnight Wheat grain delivers the smoothest flavour for a black grain.

It can be used in any recipe calling for a debittered black malt, including black IPA's and  Schwarzbiers.

Use as a colour adjustment in lagers and dark ales.

It delivers a subtle, smooth no bitter taste, with hints of roasted flavour. Finishes exceptionally clean.


1-2% minor colour adjustment for lighter coloured lagers and ales

2-5% for smooth flavour in Black IPA's, dark mild ales, brown ales, dark wheat beers

5-10% for colour plus mild smooth roasted chocolate and coffee flavours to dark ales, porters and stouts.

PROCESS: Steep the grain for 30 minutes between 150 - 170F, agitating the grain to improve extraction.


Lovibond 550

EBC 1080