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Briess Extra Special Malt


Drum roasted Specialty Malt with a very different flavour compared to Caramel malts

 A proprietory drum roasting process develops both caramel and dry roasted flavours

These unique and complex flavours are often associated with darker, high gravity beers. This  malt is good for mid to dark Belgian style ales.

Adds complex flavours in Abbey style and in darker styles like dry Irish stouts and porters. 
also provides richer more complex flavours in lighter coloured and lighter gravity beers. Produced in the U.S.A from AMBA/BMBRI 2 row malting varieties

usage up to 5% for background notes of toasted marshmallow, toast, mild coffee and woody notes.

5-10% for red to amber colour with pleasant toffee aroma in Belgian ale and English Ales

10-50% develops a much deeper reddish brown colour with a fuller malty body and more pronounced raisin aroma.

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