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Bottle Sealing Wax...Professional finish


This bottle sealing wax is a specialist sealing wax (as used by wineries) formulated for ease of application and removal on wine, oil, vinegar or general bottles.

Available in Burgundy, Black, Metalic Silver and Metalic Gold.

Other colours may be available on request.

each wax brick is between 550 - 600 gms which is sufficient for 100 wine bottles.


  • The finish has a soft sheen
  • Provides a tamper proof seal
  • low melt point allowing application at around 80C.
  • EASILY REMOVED from bottle  by peeling away with no chips or breakage
  • non toxic
  • Instructions supplied ..


MELT: in a double boiler, over VERY LOW HEAT melt the 600gm block…this may take 1 hour. (high heat will burn the wax)

APPLYING: Temperature of 75C to 82C must be maintained. Stir wax regularly

Product must be clean and free of contaminants before dipping.  Immerse item vertically in wax - remove immediately.

Rotate item evenly at 45-60 degree angle until wax sets.

Immerse applied wax in cold water for 25 seconds to set.  Cold water temp must be maintained to assist the gloss finish and setting.