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Bottle draining Tree for 80 bottles (imported from Italy)


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Bottle draining tree..Imported from Italy

Holds 80 bottles..suitable for glass or PET bottles

(Colour combination may vary from photo)

All trees have a drip catchment ring at the base to keep your benchtop dry.

Washing bottles can be time consuming but this draining tree makes it less of a hassle.

Simply wash your bottles, then invert them on the bottle draining tree.   

OPTIONAL EXTRA PURCHASE: You can also attached the specially made  bottle sulphiter/rinser to the top of bottle draining tree.  After washing and draining the botles , start from the bottom of the tree, taking each bottle using the rinser to squirt each with sanitiser and then put back on the tree.  All cleaning and sanitising done in one place – more efficient and less cleaning up to do.