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Book: Home Brewers Answer Book


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Home Brewer's Answer Book

384 Pages

Solutions to Every problem, Answers to every question 

No matter how experienced the beer maker, unforeseen questions and problems can develop with every new batch of beer. Master brewer Ashton Lewis has seen and resolved hundreds of brewing problems and answered thousands of questions from amateur brewers as "Brew Your Own" magazine's Mr. Wizard for 11 years. In a friendly question-and-answer format, Lewis explains the wonderful process of converting malt, hops, yeast, and water into beer. Covering the entire range of situations a home brewer is likely to face, this handy, at-a-glance reference will maximise the flavour of every batch of brew.

by Ashton Lewis...who is the head brewer at Springield Brewing Company, in Missouri and a lifelong columnist for Brew Your Own beer magazine. He holds a masters degree in brewing science from UC Davis

384 pages