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Book: Brewing Better Beer


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Brewing Better Beer, by Gordon Strong

Gordon is three time winner of the coveted National Homebrew Competition Ninkasi Award.

This is a book for the advanced brewer who is still striving to improve the entire process and learn more. Much is given to the Mastering of  procedures and techniques, equipment, and ingredients. Evaluation of your beer (critical tasting skills), and envisioning new beers are covered. Trouble shooting, finishing beer, and getting beer ready for competitions are covered. Insight to the BJCP styles is given. The way that competitions are run, and how judges actually judge beers are covered. Even tips on packaging and shipping beers to competitions are covered, which is the first time I have seen that in a homebrewing book. 

It is really about the mindset of making better beer, and mastering the brewing process.  

Pages 336