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Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller


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Therminator™ Stainless Wort Chiller including stainless steel mounting bracket.

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Superior quality in manufacture and materials used.

(fitting kit is extra)

Chill 38 litre  in 5 min!! (subject to chilling water temperature)

The Therminator™ is a fast way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperature and get your fermentation off to a quick, bacteria-free start.

  •  NOTE: We often see comparisons posted online about the difference in price  between  the Blichmann and the Economy wort chillers. Some of the comments are quite incorrect (by ill informed brew shops and home brewer forum posts a like) Comments that the the economy unit 'is the 'same as Blichmanns' are incorrect. These comments are made by those who don't have both models on hand for comparison. While the economy chiller we stock is the same dimensions, compare the weights….economy chiller at 2kg. (Therminator 3kg)  Less weight means thinner s/steel and copper plates resulting in reduced chilling capacity)..thats why the prices are different.  They are NOT the same unit.  The economy unit is perfectly ok for people with smaller capacity chill requirements.
  • Other features of the Blichmann product include:
  • All 316 stainless steel plates and fittings.
  • On the wort side, takes 1/2" NPT fittings
  • On the water side, requires imported U.S. GHT fittings. (garden hose thread).  
  • Chill like the pro's - Identical to commercial brewery chillers.
  • Brazed together with pure copper in an oxygen free furnace- no potential leaks like a gasketed unit!
  • Chill 10 U.S.  gal (approx 38 litre)  in 5 min to 68oF using 58oF cooling water at 5 gpm. 
  • Ultra compact (7.5" W, 4" D, 3" H)
  • Super low restriction - ideal for gravity feed
  • Easy to clean and sanitize - small enough to boil! 
  • Saves water - lowest water consumption on the market!
  • Comes with heavy gauge stainless mounting bracket