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Blichmann Linear flow Valve


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An included feature of the NEW Generation 2 Blichmann Boilermaker brew pots.

You can orientate the tap with the tap outlet in any direction to match your liquid flow.

This Patent pending G2 valve provides easy to control linear flow for fine tuning the flow for sparging, lautering, and chilling. The male 1/2" NPT outlet with 90° degree orientation reduces the number of adapter fittings needed to connect hoses and allows for more convenient hose routing.

You can adjust the flow rate

For flow control, all you have to do is turn the knob on the linear valve the amount of times to match your desired flow (1/4 open is 1/4 of the max flow). This provides you an easy and repeatable way to control your flow rate. Plus the silicone grip withstands the heat of high power burners without melting and provides a cool touch in use.

Last, but not least, it disassembles in seconds for easy cleaning WITHOUT tools!