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Baume hydrometer (-2 to 10)


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ALLA France Baume hydrometer -2 - 10 For measuring the sugar density in juice throughout the winemaking process.

Degrees Baume hydrometers are used for liquids heavier than water, for example grape juice, sugar syrups.

Scale -2  to 10

Length of instrument: 30cm


How to Read a Hydrometer
1. Pour your sample into a smooth, clear cylinder or jar that is dry or well rinsed with a portion of the sample.
2. Make sure that your sample is thoroughly mixed before testing.
3. Immerse the hydrometer in the liquid to a point slightly below the place where it naturally floats. Make sure the hydrometer and liquid are at rest and free of air bubbles.
4. Measure the temperature of the sample. Ideally, the sample temperature should be equal to the temperature standard of the hydrometer, generally 60°F. If temperature differences are unavoidable, correction tables can help to adjust readings
5. Take your reading at the point where the surface of the liquid crosses the hydrometer.