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B Lock (snap lock) Adaptor Male Fitting


BRACTON  Premium Stainless steel 304G

1. SF2110 – B-Lock Adaptor S/S Blcv 4mm
2. SF2120 – B-Lock Adaptor S/S Blcv 6mm
3. SF2130 – B-Lock Adaptor S/S Blcv 8mm (Suit 9.5)

4. SF2410  B-Lock non return gas check valve s/s 4mm

5. SF2420 B-Lock non return gas check valve s/s 6mm

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Bracton precision manufactured beer connection fittings are constructed using 304G stainless steel. These connections have been designed with hygiene and service in mind for the commercial bar. B-Lock adaptors have valves on both sides which automatically shut off when disconnected. Our design allows for beer to be transferred hygienically with high flow and minimal agitation. Compatible with Snap Lock and Fat Lock connections.