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Australian Chardonnay grape concentrate




This premium Australian grape concentrate is  made from grapes GROWN and PROCESSED in Australia.

Contents contain 100% grape  (no added sugar syrups or other fruit concentrates added)

The concentrate produces a premium Chardonnay wine, with the addition of water and yeast. (some added sugars can be used to lift alcohol if desired)

Each 2 liters of concentrate will make (ferment)  10 litres of wine.

A quality pure strain wine yeast is supplied

2 litre concentrate including yeast $52.00.

20 litre drums of concentrate available  POA

You should use a fermentation vessel (glass, food grade plastic, or stainless steel) that matches the quantity of wine  you wish to make so there is no large air spaces within the fermenter, especially at the clearing and maturing stage when fermentation is complete.

Concentrate can be frozen for year round wine making