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NOBILE® American Oak chips (250gm)


NOBILE®  American oak chips. Ideal for wine or spirits.  increases the sensation of sweetness and confirs vanilla and mild smoky notes.

This product is mildly toasted.

Oak type: Quercus Alba  Derived from fresh wood of American oak (aged/air dried).

Qualified for the elaboration of products for human consumption. In accordance with the current International Eonological codex and the Australian Food Standards code. (standard 1.3.4)


Direct maceration into the wine for about 15 days.

available in 250gm & 500gm

Bulk quantities price  on request

select bag size from the drop down menu

For wines during fermentation: 1-1.5gm

White wines at maturing  1-2gm per litre for 3-5 weeks

Red wines at maturing 2-3gm per litre for 3-5 weeks

For spirits at maturing as desired to flavour.