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Alcoengine Copper pot still condenser


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This pot still design has been created to allow the delicate compounds that form the complex structure of many whiskeys and gins.  This iconic vee shape still has been created to capture the vital esters, aldehydes and phenolic compounds that are necessary to give the final spirit a complexity that simply cannot be created any other way.

Compatible with Many Boilers: 
This condenser  is compatible with many boiler types, such as the standard Turbo Boilers, Robobrew, Brewzilla, digiboil and  also works with the Grainfather  or Mangrove Jacks boiler.

you will require  this stainless steel lid however depending on which boiler you have.

 Distillation Lid - This stainless steel lid has a 47mm centre hole to fit the condenser.Suits 35L Digiboil Robobrew BrewZilla - 47mm Hole

or Copper dome 

This still can also fit the top of stainless steel kegs too.  So you can easily make your own keg boiler.  You can use a 2inch tri-clover clamp (not included) and then use the clamp to attach this still to the top of a 50L keg.  So you will not find a more compatible still design that fits a wide range of boiler types.  T


  • Lead free brass
  • Lead free silver soldering
  • Easy to use and will produce high quality spirit
  • Australian Design, made in China