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Pro-Measuring Jugs.. 2 up to 5 litres (made in New Zealand)


Made in New Zealand.

Strong, robust, chemical resistant, UV Stabilised, tested for suitability in autoclaves

(superior quality product not to be confused with asian copies which look similar)

Features included

  • Excellent pouring control because of the special  non drip spout which allows controlled pouring of thick or thin liquids.
  • Plenty of freeboard between the full measure and the top which  means carry it full without the risk of spilling
  • Ergonomic designed  handle...even with a gloved hand you have a safe controlled grip
  • Accurate raised measurement graduations
  • currently available sizes:  2, 3 & 5 litre, and also the 20 litre pro bucket
  • U.V Stabilised
  • highest quality food grade material
  • Chemical resistant