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2 handle wine corker


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Two Handle Italian Corking Tool

  • Two handle makes for easy insertion of the cork.
  • Clamps around neck of wine bottle
  • Tapered entry reduces cork size for easy insertion.
  • Adjustable for different length corks
  • Best suited to inserting natural wine corks  (not synthetic corks)
  • Made In Italy


Note: The easiest way to use this corker is to stabilise the bottle between your feet and then push evenly downwards on the corker handles.  This way you get even pressure and the cork will slide in evenly.  It is much harder to get even pressure if trying to do it at a table height.  

The corker is adjustable for different length corks, however should you get a bit of cork protruding from the top of the bottle, it is recommended that you slice that off with a razor blade to give a nice flush finish at the top of the bottle.