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Lalvin Rhone 2226 125gm


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Ideal for Merlot, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Barbera, Cabernet Franc

S. cerevisiae • cerevisiae

  • Isolated from a vineyard in the Côtes du Rhône in France.
  • Lalvin RHÔNE 2226TM is alcohol tolerant up to 16-17% (v/v) and is highly recommended for high Brix reds.
  • Characterized by aromas of black cherry and berry 
  • Can be used to restart stuck or sluggish fermentations

vacuum sealed package size: 125gm

DOSAGE White wine : 25 - 40 g/hL Red wine : 30 - 50 g/hL 

PREPARATION 1. Rehydrate yeast in 10 times its weight of clean water (temperature between 35° and 40°C). 2. Stir gently to dissolve and wait for 20 minutes. 3. Add to the must. The temperature difference between the must to be inoculated and the rehydration medium should never be greater than 10°C (if any doubt, please contact your supplier or Lallemand). 4. The total duration of rehydration should not exceed 45 minutes. 5. Always rehydrate the yeast in a clean container. 6. Rehydration in the must is not advisable.