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Stabilising your Wine


Stabilising your wine for longer storage!


The majority of home winemakers will probably always rush the wine into bottles, therefore it is important to consider stabilising your wine with Sorbistat K40 stabilising liquid to ensure that secondary bottle fermentation does not take place.

K40 Stabilising liquid is an effective and safe antimicrobial food grade stabiliser. Used in conjunction with Campden Tablets it will successfully inhibit the growth of yeast and prevents secondary fermentation in the bottle or cask. All home winemakers, whether using fruit or grape as a wine base should stabilise their wine.

It is vital to use K40 stabiliser if making a sweet wine with residual sugar to prevent later fermentation of this sugar in the bottle.

There are however two instances where we would NOT recommend using stabilisers and they are

  • if the wine is to be consumed very quickly or
  • if you intend making a sparkling champagne style wine.

In the first instance, there is little benefit to be gained and in the second instance, inhibiting yeast growth is detrimental to producing a sparkling wine. Active live yeast cells must be present to produce a secondary bottle fermentation for sparkling wines..


K40 stabilsing Liquid is available in 100ml bottles. A general dose rate is 1ml per litre of wine.