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How to install the Blichmann autosparger


The AutoSparge™ can be installed easily into any pot larger than 12" in diameter or about any cooler. We're also offering factory punching of the mounting hole in your BoilerMaker™ pot when ordered with a new pot! Simply specify the position you'd like below and we'll punch it for you for a nominal charge.

To install yourself, you'll need to punch/drill a 13/16 hole in your pot or cooler. A 7/8" hole will work, but it's a little on the big side. We recommend using a step drill or a Greenlee knock-out punch. A great source for these is McMaster.com . The step drill is part number 8841A24 (89315A42 for TiN coating) or a punch 3449A999 - requires a 3/8" pilot hole. This particular punch (Greenlee model 730BB) is special order with a 3 day lead time. Slug-Buster types are available in their catalog but do not work well in this application. When drilling stainless steel a moderate to slow speed is best to avoid overheating the tool. While hole saws will also work, they are difficult to use in stainless sheet metal.

Installing into a cooler:

The threaded portion of the AutoSparge™ is not long enough to fit through a 1-2" deep cooler wall so you will need to use a 2" hole saw for clearance for your hose connection and a smaller hole for mounting the AutoSparge™. To do this, drill a 1/4" pilot hole all the way through the cooler at the desired location. Then slowly and carefully hole saw through the outside layer of the cooler. Be carefull so you don't accidentally drill all the way through it. Remove the outer cut-out and foam insulation inside the hole. Then drill the 13/16 mounting hole through the inside wall of the cooler with a step drill. Here are a few shots of the installation in a 10 gal Rubbermaid cooler: