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Hop Pellets

Hops are transported worldwide under refrigeration..In nearly all instances vacuum sealed in 5kg (or in some cases 10kg)  bags.  When we receive our hops, once we open the bag ALL contents are immediately packed in smaller bags and are immediately vacuum sealed again. We package in 100gm and  250gm.  

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French Aramis


What you should know when purchasing hops:

  • What are hop pellets? T90 HOP PELLETS are a milled and pelletised form of whole leaf hops. They contain all the vegetative and lupulin material of raw leaf hops and can be used as a full replacement for leaf hops in the brewing process.
  • What are Alpha Acids? These are compounds in the hop flower and provide the primary source of bitterness in beer. These acids are isomerised in the boil to form iso-alpha acids.  The length of time of the boil determines the amount of bitterness extracted. Alpha Acids vary for each hop variety, and are also variable due to growing conditions, drying methods, and storage of the hops.
  • What are Aroma Hops?  Aroma hops generally have a lower alpha acid percentage and are best used as a finishing or conditioning hop. U.S.A Williamette is the king of aroma hops, along with  Hallertau, U.K Fuggles and Kent Golding.

Please email info@ibrew.com.au with your requirements if the product is not listed...and we will do our best to accommodate your hop order.

All our hops are vacuum sealed.