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Beer Dispensing

Are you ready to move on from the chore of bottling your beer.  If so then you are ready for the convenience of kegging 

But before you go down that road you should be aware of what equipment you will require.  Go to ourbrewing assistance pagesfor information on equipment, kegging and dispensing

Beer Kegs  9 - 19 litre kegs, Kegmenters

MINI KEG and Portable Systems: IKegger systems

 c02 Cylinders    Gas Solutions: MyKegonLegs cylinders, Keg King cylinders, Westway cylinders.

Regulators and C02 accessories  Harris regulators, Keg king regulators, line splitters, C02 regulators, pressure relief valves, manifolds, carbonation parts

Check Valves...protection for your C02 lines

Keg Parts replaceable keg parts, valves, posts, couplers, adapters

Keg Disconnects Ball Lock disconnects, Pin lock disconnects

KingLock/Snaplock connectors

Keg Couplers Type D, American Sankey, Type A

Beer Lines  John Guest, Super Flexmaster, gas and liquid lines, line/pipe cutter, line & keg cleaners

Beer Drip Trays:  for beer towers and counter sunk drip trays

John Guest Quick Connectors, Push to fit, Speedfit connectors

Beer Faucets  (Krome dispense, Perlick, Intertap, Brumby, Stout faucets, EK tap, fridge taps

Faucets, Fonts and taps  Fridge taps, serving taps, draft drip trays, Kegerator parts, beer shanks

PERLICK beer faucets and accessories

 Intertap™ range of beer faucets and accessories 

Blichmann Beer Gun  

Blichmann Hop Rocket (randalizer/draft beer hop infuser)   inline hop infuser