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Brewing Yeast

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As the craft and home brewing industry develops, the demand for consistant high quality brewing yeast becomes even more important.

Today some of the highest quality brewing yeasts are supplied by Fermentes (Lesaffre Group) and Danstar (Lallemand Group). The goal was to supply pure strain brewing yeast varieties in a dry, ready to pitch form. Dried yeast offers a long shelf life giving advantages in both distribution, cost and storage.

Dried yeast is produced in dedicated, state of the art propagation facilities and then carefully dried to preserve its characteristics. True lager yeast are available from recognised European sources enabiing batch production of high quality lagers. A range of speciality ale yeast have also been developed to produce ales with authentic flavour profiles.

Rehydration is a simple procedure and correct yeast counts are achieved by pitching a known weight of yeast to the wort. As the yeast is monitored closely during manufacture, the microbial quality is assured. Rapid, true to type fermentations also add the advantage of predicatable fermentation output, essential to good planning in a busy brewery.

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