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Wheat Malts

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Wheat malt promotes  a lighter body in a beer than does barley malt and It can contribute a refreshing touch of acidity.   Because of this wheat beers are popular in the hotter months.  The banana and clove-like flavors of some German wheat beers are due to the special yeast used rather than the use of wheat malts.

Wheat is the second most common malted grain used in brewing, after barley malt. Typical wheat-accented brews are

  • German weissbier (also known as hefeweizen or weizenbier), which must contain at least 50% wheat malt by law;
  • German Berliner weisse, a sour, sparkling ale, whose wheat malt portion rarely exceeds 30%;
  • and the more modern “American wheat beer,” which usually contains 10% to 35% malted wheat.