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Since  Lallemand introduced the CBC-1 cask & bottle conditioning yeast in 2011, breweries around the world have been learning how simple and reliable conditioning of packaged beer can be. The first-ever yeast introduced specifically for beer conditioning, CBC-1 is chosen for its ability to quickly create CO2 without changing beer flavor. With excellent alcohol tolerance, CBC-1 can be used in even the most demanding recipes, and it offers excellent clarity as it forms a firm layer that stays on the bottom of the bottle or cask. Best of all, CBC-1 is produced by Lallemand, which conducts 24 quality control tests to ensure the highest purity and performance.


CBC-1 is available in both 500 gram packages for priming large beer volumes and in 11 gram sachets for easy priming of single casks (great for one-off products and special events). Whichever size you choose, Lallemand CBC-1 will let you produce the best real ales and lagers you have ever made.