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Vintners Harvest Wine Yeast

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There is a wide range of yeast from Vintners Harvest specially selected for the home winemaking enthusiast.

Best results are obtained by following Vintners Harvest instructions

  • Do not re-hydrate Vintner’s Harvest yeast before addition, but add directly to the must/juice noting the following: 
  • To avoid extended lag time and risk of bacterial contamination ensure must/juice temperature is above 20degC (68degF) for the start of fermentation and for at least the first 24 hours.
  • Control fermentation temperature within the range specified for each strain.  As a general rule ferment between 20 - 24degC (68-75degF) unless cold fermenting is desired for flavour/aroma development.  
  • All yeast strains are sensitive to excessive osmotic pressure, incorrect pH and nutrient insufficiency. Due care and attention to must/juice preparation is important.
The Importance of Nutrition 
If the yeast lacks nutrition during fermentation, off flavours and aromas will be formed by the yeast and reduce the overall quality of the wine. In extreme cases of nutritional deficiency fermentation will stick. 
Each Vintner’s Harvest wine yeast sachet contains all thirteen  essential trace vitamins, minerals and co-factors to ensure that yeast remain at optimum health during the fermentation process. However You may still need to add DAP (diammonium phosphate)  in situations where there is insufficient nitrogen or phosphorous provided by the fruit ingredients. The quantity of DAP to use will vary depending on the quantity of fruit used, but will generally be between 7-15 grams per 23 litre fermentation. For ultimate quality delay DAP addition until day 2 to ensure yeast is forced to assimilate available amino acids from the fruit.