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Vintners Harvest Wine ingredient Kits

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Vintners Reserve Premium Wine Kits

WineXpert is the world's largest producer of home winemaking kits. The grapes, harvested throughout the world, are destemmed, juiced and ran through a low-temperature vacuum designed to gently extract the water without destroying the delicate flavor of the grapes. They aseptically package the concentrates in bladders, then package those bladders in boxes with all the necessary yeast, additives, and a full set of clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

The Vintner's Reserve wine kits have 10 liters of concentrate, which will make 23 litres  of finished product.

We recommend the Vintners Harvest Winery kit if you do not have any equipment at all, otherwise if you are already a brewer you can make use of that fermenting equipment.

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