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Variable capacity fermenters

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Variable capacity tanks have the ability to adjust themselves down to the exact size of the batch you wish to make. Now available in sizes to suit the home brewer or small boutique establishment. So now you can experiment with a small batch and when you have the best brew you have ever made then simply lift the lid and make a larger batch.  

The lid fits inside the stainless steel tank and seals itself with the aid of an inflatable gasket. Attached to the rim of the lid is a food grade inflatable tube. When deflated the lid can move freely up and down in the tank but when inflated the rubber tube seals closely to the wall of the tank creating an airtight seal. The tube is inflated by means of a pressurised pump.

Think of it as a food-grade, bicycle inner-tube places around the outer edge of the lid. Just position the lid to the appropriate height for your batch and then inflate the tube with the provided hand pump. You can place the lid as close or as far away from the liquid's surface as you like.

The Variable Capacity Tank can be used for both primary and secondary fermentations. Its lid is fitted with a dry air-lock that allows gases to escape while keeping the tank sealed air-tight. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty, ball-valve faucet for easily transferring your beer or wine to a second container or for bottling. The faucet can be fitted with a suitable transfer  Hose.

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