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C02 Gas Bottles and Regulators

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We sell and refill C02 bottles.

We supply brand new Westway, Keg King and My keg on legs c02 cylinders which we are able to refill on premises.  (customer owned bottles)

We cannot fill rental bottles owned  by BOC, Air Liquid, Soda Stream or Supagas.

All cylinders  must meet Australian Safety and Regulatory Standards. 

We fill from a liquid C02 cylinder, so the C02 is sold by weight. (measured by scales)  Subsequently you do not have to supply a cold bottle.  For accurate weight filling empty your bottle completely before bringing in to fill.  

You can store your C02 tank in your kegerator (mainly for neatness) or at ambient temperature outside your kegerator.  thats a personal choice.

If you store it cold the pressure reading will reduce.

Pricing:  $10.00 per kilo

NEW  Cylinders

Cylinders full of gas are store pickup only.  We recommend pre ordering through our online store so we have one ready for pickup. (no delivery charges will calculate)

Empty cylinders can be delivered via mail order (you will need to contact us for a delivery quote)