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Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Pouches

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Mangrove Jacks limited edition brewery pouches include popular beer styles such as Simcoe Single hopped IPA, Bourbon barrel strong ale, Red IPA's, Saison and Hoppy Porter.  Choose from the links below.

Each of the Mangrove Jacks Brewery pouches has 2 sides….One side is cold filled with some of Europe's finest brewers extracts, while the other contains a high quality yeast strain to give the desired aromas for your chosen beer. Instructions supplied.

Using Brewery Pouches as a Base for Part Grain Brewing 

Despite most being prehopped, pouch kits (with a little bit of tweaking) can provide a great base for a wide range of styles and by adding new hops, steeped grains or different yeast you actually have a great way to make something different from an old favourite or to explore more beer styles as an extract brewer.  Its important to remember not to boil these packs.  A 15 minute boil with hop additions for aroma is all that is required. Also choose caramel or roasted grains that can be steeped to extract flavours, (do not need to be mashed)