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Jockey Box Draft Kits

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A Jockey box is the perfect transportable beer cooling system allowing you to serve crisp cold beer from your kegs in any location. They are very easy to use and setup.

You can purchase your Jockey box already set up.  They come in double or single configurations ready to use, or you can make use of the esky you already own and buy the draft assembly kit.  You will need to drill holes in your esky to suit the fittings.

To keep your beer at the right serving temperature. (between 2-4C) you will need to add ice and water in the jockey box to fully surround the stainless steel coils. It is also recommended that you have an insulated jacket on your beer keg to help keep that cool as well.   As the ice melts over time,  you may need to drain some water and add more ice.

A portable size Co2 tank is additional to apply dispensing pressure.

Just like all draft equipment you will need to keep your faucets and stainless steel coil spotlessly clean..We recommend Bracton Keg and line cleaner.