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Bracton 'Twin' Keg & Line Cleaner


Bracton keg and line cleaner is an industry approved draft beer cleaner endorsed by major breweries.

Why clean beer kegs and  lines?

Clean beer lines means better tasting beer! By using Bracton brewery approved beer line cleaners, you are ensuring that your beer flavour is untainted by residual stale beer. 

Bracton Twin will remove build up and bacteria from all types of draught beer lines and systems. By cleaning the beer lines regularly  with Bracton beer line cleaner you can be sure that the beer is going to taste as it should.

this product is ideal for cleaning all beer taps and draught systems.


Image shows beer residue after using bracton beer line cleaner after using less effective cleaners.

Ideal for use on:

• Commercial Draught Beer System
• Domestic Draught Beer Systems
• Taps and fittings as a soaking solution
• Brewery approved
• Convenient single part mix
• Highly effective
• Easily removes heavy build up

Directions for use:

Hand Mixing:
1. Mix 10mls of Bracton Twin Beer Line Cleaner to every 1 litre of water used. (60mls per 5 litres)

2. Pull working solution through the beer lines and soak for minimum 1 hour or over night for best results.

3. Flush solution from beer lines with clean water. 

Optional: Use  Bracton Test Papers to check that all  chemical is removed.

4. Connect beer and continue service.

Available in 1litre bottles (net weight  1.5kg)