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Still Spirits Air Still


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The Air Still is the fast and simple way to make your favourite spirits and liqueurs at a fraction of the cost.

Finally...a still to take its place amongst everyday kitchen appliances! It looks like a kettle, works like a kettle - but it makes alcohol! Features:

  • Right at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances.
  • Distillation takes just two hours and produces enough alcohol to make a 1 L bottle at 38-40% ABV.
  • Stainless steel body,
  • Built in air cooling system so it uses absolutely no water for cooling - great for regions where water shortages are a problem 
  • No hoses, no complicated assembly ... just plug and play! As simple to operate as the kitchen kettle,
  • Great value for money,
  • Safe and easy to use which is ideal for the new distiller,
  • can be used for Alcohol Distillation, Water Distillation - produce 100% pure, safe drinking water.
  • This distiller has a 320 Watt motor 

(note it is not legal to distll alcohol in Australia )

Weight 5kg,

320 watt motor. Fan 15W 
Height 40 x width 30 x 30
Stainless steel outer casing
AU Plug
Power sources: AC 220V 50Hz

30 x 30 x 41. 4.5kg