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FastFerment is a Gold Medal Winning conical fermenter made in the U.S.A. meeting the needs of Cider, Mead and all brewing and winemaking ventures.

It is a one stage fermenter which allows you to do primary and secondary fermentation in the same unit. Fast Ferment eliminates racking and transferring between containers, buckets or carboys.  This saves valuable time and labor with less equipment to clean.

The FastFermenter has the added advantage of being able to remove all sediment in a collection ball, a huge gain compared to other conical designs which require you to flush out the sediment.

MADE IN THE USA from highest quality smooth surface HDPE (food grade polyethelene).


The initial FastFerment purchase comes with the conical fermenter, Sediment collection ball, and a wall hanging bracket.

Optional extras include :  A Stand, Carrying strap, Sample port, insulated Jacket and a Thermometer.