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False bottom Guten screen


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The new Keg-King Guten False Bottom screens are constucted of perforated, ridge-strengthend, 304 stainless steel and include a folded edge to sit perfectly into the rolled base at the bottom of the malt pipe.

This new design greatly improves and strenghthens the Keg-King Guten Brewery System's performance when mashing, keeping more particulate matter inside the malt pipe. The new locking design makes it virtually impossible to push the screen through the base of the malt pipe.

These improved locking false bottom screens are easy to insert and easy to remove for cleaning purposes. Becasuse the screens lock into place in the malt pipe base, they also improve the sturdiness of the overflow pipe.

The locking false bottoms fit the 40litre and 50litre Keg-King Guten Brewery Systems.