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Dried Malt Extract

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Dry Malt is the result of water being removed from liquid malt extract in a process of spray drying.  The advantages of dry malt extract is a more consistant colour s a longer shelf life.  (liquid malts can darken on ageing)

Dried malt is excellent to create a yeast starter.  Also an excellent additive  to improve body, higher gravity  and head retention in grain recipes.

Amber dried malt extract is darker than liquid ambers because the crystal malts are added in during the manufacturing process.

Pilsner malts are great for numerous types of lagers, as well as adding a unique flavor to some ales.

The Bavarian Wheat DME is excellent for all wheat beers, and consists of 65 percent wheat and 35 percent barley.

Dark malt extracts add robust flavour and the deepest dark colour to your brewing recipe.