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Camurri Brauer brewing System

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Camurri is a quality Italian brand established for over 40 years.  They are a market leader in the production of various drink and beverage machines such as tea and coffee machines, thermal and bain-marie containers, hot water and steam producers and beverage dispenser trolleys.

Their more recent development has to be the most exciting - the Camurri Brauer patented brewing systems for home brew, test brews and craft brewery systems.

Practical and easy to use, the  new ITALIAN MANUFACTURED CAMURRI BRAUER (Camurri’s Patent) helps you to prepare great handcrafted beer, using natural ingredients. This system is suitable for the preparation of all types of brewing recipes.

The Camurri Brauer is the perfect solution for small breweries, home brewers, pubs, and craft brewing training centres to promote  the production of artisanal recipes.

Wholely manufactured in Aisi 304 stain steel , it is equipped with a PLC regulator which helps to check, regulate and program automatically any time
or temperature which is required  by the beer recipes.

The rotating  mash agitator, unique to the Camurri system,  takes care of the correct blend of the grain mixture during mashing resulting in a sugar extraction that is better than most systems. 

Two practical handles help the transport and its handling.

An extended selection of optionals will permit you to develop the production of your handcrafted beers.  

That’s the right solution for small breweries, home brewers, pubs, agritourisms, training centres as catering institutes and for any business which needs to promote their artisanal recipe.

Min. capacity about 20 l and max. about 60 l for each production.


CE Marked

power consumtption 3 kW

Power Supply 230V

Size 580 x 595 x 70mm

weight 22kg

Model CB.50