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Alpha Amylase



Still Spirits Alpha Amylase Enzyme 4g Sachet

High temperature tolerant Amylase for conversion of starch into sugars. Can be used in your beer wort, wine must or spirit fermenting where starches are used/present. Unlike other Alpha Amylase products this one can handle temperatures up to 85°C before denaturing.

To use this Make up a soup with 15 L of water and 4 kg of starch.

Add the 4 g sachet of Alpha Amylase and keep at 70 degrees C overnight and your starch will be converted to sugar.

Measure using a refractometer or simply taste for sweetness. If you want a higher temperature, Alpha Amylase unlike many others can handle temperatures up to 85 degrees before denaturing.

To be used with Distiller Yeasts when starch is used in your recipe.

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