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Blichmann Beer Gun

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How it works:  (see operation video below)


The BeerGun from Blichmann Engineering is a revolutionary new bottle filler that eliminates the complication and time-consuming operation and cleaning of traditional counter pressure (CP) bottle fillers used to fill bottles from kegs. The Quiescent Flow TechnologySM of the BeerGunTM eliminates the complication of CP fillers, while maintaining the primary function – purging a bottle with CO2 (no oxygen pick-up) and filling it with minimal foaming and carbonation loss.

The BeerGun is designed to be much more ergonomic and much less complex than a traditional counter pressure bottle filler. The BeerGun is designed to purge a beer bottle with CO2 gas, and then transfer carbonated beer into the bottle with minimal foaming, preserving a high level of the beer's carbonation. It is extremely simple to clean and set up and intuitively easy and fast to operate. Unlike counter pressure fillers with multiple valves, the BeerGun has a one-handed operation—just press the trigger! Everything that touches the beer is stainless steel, which ensures the BeerGun is easy to keep clean, and that it will have a long life.

The other main feature is the intuitively obvious operation and very simple sanitation procedure. Couple this with the auto fill level and ability to fill any depth bottle without modification makes this filler a clear standout. And since it’s from Blichmann Engineering you know it’s high quality, well engineered, and easy to use!

The unique design of the BeerGunTM eliminates the need to pressurize the bottle by providing a non-throttling, quick-acting valve placed at the BOTTOM of the filler stem, and a beer delivery system that is very low in turbulence. All current designs use a valve at the TOP of the filler. Placing the valve at the bottom not only allows the valve to be quickly immersed in the beer, further reducing pressure change and turbulence, it keeps the stem full of beer at all times. 

WARNING: DO NOT AT ANY TIME EXCEED 15 PSI on the filler. Ensure that your regulator is in good working order.

Operates best at 1/2 normal dispensing pressure. Use the minimum pressure as a good starting point.