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Briess Pale Ale Malt




Its flavour goes beyond the rich maltiness expected of a solid Pale Ale Malt contributing a bready, biscuity and nutty flavour profile.

Unique Characteristics/Applications:  Use as a rich  malty 2 row base malt. Contributes golden colour

A fully modified, high extract, low protein malt. Not just a darker 2 row base malt. its very unique recipe results inthe developent of a very unique flavour. Sufficient enzymes to support the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts without extending the brewing cycle.

Lovibond 3.5

Suggested usage

  • Up to 100%—Ales (an exception being Koelsch) and rich, full flavored dark beers.
  • 10% or more—All but the lightest beer styles for additional flavor. Especially helpful for developing warm, malty and toasty flavours.'
  • 10-15%—High gravity beers like a Bock Beer, more in low gravity beers.